Asian Poker Guide

Asian Poker Guide

Asian Poker

Asian poker is a poker game played with standard playing cards. It is a five-card vying game. A vying game is the one in which a players instead of playing out their cards, place out their bets first and then compare in accordance with the ranking of the card combination.

The stakes are increased progressively and then a showdown is made in which the person with possessing the best hand wins. The pot is won even though anyone of the player has dropped out of the play continuing till the last person when the last person wins without even a showdown.

Types of Asian poker (Asian poker games)

There are various types of Asian poker that are played all around the world. Some of them are: Community Card Asian poker, Draw Asian poker, Stud Asian poker, Low Hand A-5, Low Hand A-6, Low Hand 2-7, Online Asian poker,

Las Vegas poker, Atlantic City Asian poker, Omaha Asian poker, Omaha hi-lo, 7 stud Asian poker, 7 stud hi-lo Asian poker, Texas hold’em, Five card Asian poker, Crazy pineapple, Chinese Asian poker.

Community card Asian poker, stud Asian poker and draw Asian poker are the regular or the important versions.

These games are mostly played online or even in casinos. These are almost the regulars of the Asian poker games. Texas hold’em is also one of the important games that are played in many casinos all over the US. (Ref: Play Online Poker)

Asian poker tournaments

There are various tournaments that are playing online poker along with some casinos hosting them for personal interest or for fame.

There are single-table and multi-table games in these types of tournaments. Many of these tournaments are mostly held in Las Vegas or Texas or Atlantic City. People also come to learn from the experts in these tournaments.

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So, these tournaments are not confined to the players alone but are open for all the fans of this unique game of Asian poker. The fans and followers of this game are increasing in thousands daily.

How to Play Asian Poker (Asian poker tour)

In the game of Asian poker, betters pool all their money at the center of the table, which is called as a pot. The players with full or half concealed cards may call their bet and the person with highest ranking amongst others, wins the money. (Ref: Cash Out Poker)

Chips are used in the game instead of actual money. It is the primary currency of the game. These chips can be bought from the casino windows available as well as from any casino employee.

The chips are specially made with different color codes, shapes and sizes. This coding for the chips is done for security reasons. Sometimes these chips can be used in other casinos in the same area for the purpose of uniformity.


Asian Poker Tour

Asian Poker Tour

ASIAN POKER TOUR (Asian poker games)

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is Asia’s largest and unique poker tour. The Tour was bought by Asian Logic (AIM:ALOG) during early 2008 and has conducted two booming events: one within the Philippines and the other within Macau.

The Asian Poker Tour intends to hold as a minimum four major events during 2009 where every tournament is ready to draw live players plus Internet players who will be eligible by means of online satellites.

Asian Poker Tour main events carry on to be extremely projected by poker players and enthusiasts in Asia and all around the world. (Ref: Poker Player Website)


Asian Poker Open”, the leading No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament to be performed within Macau. Occurring beside the luxury Grand Waldo Casino as of 22 – 27 November 2008, this will be the exceptionally unusual for No Limit Texas Hold’em poker to be played live on top of Chinese mud.


Pro months the Asian Poker Classic has been foreshadowed as the major poker event ever to be carried out within India, and it came off unsupplied with a catch.

The events which took place in the striking Goa, India pulled in participants as of fifteen countries to fight it out all for the $1.2 million assured prize pool.

ASIAN POKER TOUR NEWS (Asian poker guide)

Top Online Poker Rooms provide complete Support to Asian Poker Tour

Having seen the victory of its two events during 2008 and an extended schedule looming for 2009, the Asian Poker Tour (APT) is receiving the complete support of some of the world’s leading online poker rooms.

APT to conduct Tournament for Hong Kong and Macau Players

The Asian Poker Tour is delighted to publicize the APT Ironmonger Poker Challenge, a tournament gratifying wholly to Hong Kong and Macau residents

APT Ambassador JC Tran succeeds PartyPoker Premier League III Title!

Asian Poker Tour Ambassador JC Tran leads and confines the PartyPoker Premier League III Title!

APT Ambassador JC Tran triumphs over WSOP® Champion Eastgate

Asian Poker Tour ambassador JC Tran had an unbelievable opening in the PartyPoker Premier League, conquering WSOP® Main Event champion Peter Eastgate heads-up.


Asian Poker Games

Asian Poker Games

Asian Poker Games (Asian poker guide)

7-card Stud poker

Asian poker game can be entered into through 3 to 5 participants. The foremost deal is two cards down in addition one card up on the way to all participants.

The initial round betting round starts by the highest hand viewing or else on the side of the opening round the high card. Afterward an extra card is dealt up over an extra betting round this is moved pending four faces up cards.

Later on a closing card is dealt and a closing betting round held. The arrangement of the hands is matching similar as normal Asian poker game despite dealing the five supreme cards. The mere difference on the game is to consent wild cards in addition a five of a type.

5-card Stud poker

It’s an extra distinction of Asian poker succession. This is taken part much closer to 7-card stud only by 5-cards.

The opening deal can vary in this game and rely on the method your set wishes to playing poker. 5 card stud is characteristically dealt either among 2 down, 3 up, or else 1 down, 4 up, otherwise 1 down, 3 up, 1 down.

Like 7-card stud in lieu of betting rounds however Distinction comes with the application of wild cards and the rank of hands is the usual one in Free Asian poker game.


Indian Poker

2-10 participants can join in the game. The opening deal is one card toward each player, through a fine (typically $1) and the participant is out in case he gazes next to his own card.

All participant capture his card up so that each person besides can view it. Betting begins with the opening by the partaker toward the left of the dealer.

Just the once the betting is completed each participant looks next to his card and the conqueror gets the pot. The deal later turns en route for the left. The game persists on the side of one deck.


Lowball poker

3-7 players are looked-for. Preliminary deal is five cards in the direction of every poker player. The game is accurately similar to five card draw apart from you trying to obtain the most horrible hand. The position of the hands is identical as the standard edition of poker excepting that the lowly hand be successful.

Chicago Poker

This is a further variation on Asian poker game. This game is precisely resembling 7-card stud apart from that the high spade inside the hole divides the spot.

The position of the hands is similar to the normal Asian poker game having the premium five cards being employed. Wild cards on top of five of a kind are the dissimilarities.